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  1. Cutting Household Expenses

    At the beginning of each year we make it a priority to go over the previous years expenditures to see what we over spent on, what areas need reducing and whether or not anything can be canceled or changed. This year, while fuming over the latest land line telephone bill, I decided to drastically trim the phone budget. I logged onto AT&T's website ...
  2. what do you see
  3. Server Blues

    I've been getting increasingly more frustrated with websites and website design the last few months- one of the sites has been getting constant server errors, returns not found pages and shuts down unexpectedly for no apparent reason.
    I've been in constant contact with the hosting company and have been told that the only way to fix ...
  4. Deadliest Catch- too close to home!

    Please help: truck loan suggestions needed!!-liss-fishing.jpgWhen we moved from New England I had no idea how much I would truly miss the flavor of fresh Haddock! It's a very light, flaky white fish, it cooks quickly and doesn't have a heavy oily taste like Salmon. So- with that in mind, I was thrilled to discover a fish in the South that has a similar flavor and texture; Catfish. ...
  5. Weird Flu Remedies - What have you tried?

    Despite all of our careful precautions *laughs* the flu managed to find its way to our house. Don't get me wrong, it really hasn't been bad at all, particularly with the Boiron products we had on hand. However, I am definitely NOT one to sit idly by and let it run its course naturally. No, no, I prefer to scare it out of my body with a plethora of ...
  6. Thanksgiving ~

    Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and as usual, I'm trying to work in all of the little things that are so important to my family for the holiday. Tradition is huge in my house and even something as simple from switching our homemade cinnamon rolls for "just middles" - can cause an uproar with our youngest.

    Like most families, everyone ...
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