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    Family Matters

    Blog posts that center around your family life, children, etc

    1. Happy New Year- belated

      Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had the day off and enjoyed some time with their friends and families! It always seems like New Year is the busiest time of year for me. This year I had intended to take the entire day off but I ended up logging 18 hours working instead, lol. I'm the superstitious type and I firmly believe that whatever you do on ...
    2. Things that Creep-n-crawl and Nightmares the Come true!

      Last week I had the shock of my life, having lived here in the SouthEast for several years now, we're no strangers to Black widow spiders. However, the other morning I got up and dragged myself out of bed, grabbed a mug of coffee strong enough to impregnate a horse (or so I was told) and plunked my butt in front of the computer to add some new freebies ...
    3. The Case of the Missing Kitten.... and the smell in the wall . . .

      We recently adopted a pretty little grey kitty cat... and shortly thereafter, she surprised us with 5 adorable little ones. One of them, sadly, did not make it through the first night, so we've been entirely too protective of the remaining 4; So you can imagine my extreme distress when I went out to see how momma and babies were coming along and discovered ...
    4. Motivation, Medical Bills and General Life

      It sometimes amazes me just how fast time flies by, I just can't get over how every single day seems like a fleeting moment of time. Dh threw out his back again and we've not had much sleep in the house in the last few weeks. It seems that nighttime hours are the worst for him and he just can't get comfortable no matter what he does. As for me, my ...
    5. A Year in Review and Looking Ahead . . .

      What an incredible year it has been, the past 12 months seemed to fly by with only a few days that lingered on . . . I watched our budget, diligently, scrimped, cut expenses everywhere I possibly could, made a few changes to our home (with the help of my wonderful husband, of course) and made it a priority to spend more time with both friends ...
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