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This blog is a start to the free frugal living blogs that our site members can create and enjoy. Share your favorite frugal ideas, recipes, tips, frustrations and more in our frugal living blogs.

  1. Cleaning Up & Cleaning Out

    Sometimes in life you have to clean house. I'm not talking about your physical home, although living in a cluttered environment takes its own toll; I'm talking about all of the things in your life that cause a drain on you emotionally- and sometimes physically.

    This morning, I deleted my personal Facebook account. Yes, I had a number ...
  2. what do you see
  3. Inclined Happiness: Appreciating People

    What an incredibly long week! I hadn't realized how quickly clutter had accumulated in our closets over the spring/summer. I spent an entire day pulling everything out of the closets in our home, evaluating it with my required de-cluttering questions:

    • Do I need it?
    • Do I want it? (If I answer Yes, I ask myself, Have I used it in the
  4. Inclined Happiness

    The other day I found myself frustrated beyond belief at a multitude of various circumstances which, at the time, I believed to be out of my control:

    1. Lightening Damage- burst pipes, destroyed tree that must be cut down and removed, fried appliances, service repair appointments, etc
    2. Family- In the years