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  1. International cooking

    OMG loving international month for cooking and what not.

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  2. Changing my diet

    Well the wife has decided that I'm too overweight and not getting enough fiber in my diet. She also has me eating more fish and less "red" meats. Which also happens to be my favorite food.
    I am also eating more fruit and the Philippines has plenty of that. At the Hypermart I can get pineapple, guavas, papayas, kiwi, dragon fruit, ...
  3. A month away

    by , 09-02-2016 at 09:23 PM (The life and mind of Tarrien)
    So recently (About in the last year or so) my workplace has become extremely distasteful to work. Due to a lot of safety concerns, as well as horrible attitudes from our customer base, my husband and I had decided to take a month off. There were other reasons as well, such as wanting a few weekends to ourselves instead of being too tired to catch summer ...
  4. Whole30 Caput.

    Several of you have asked why we Stopped sharing our Whole30 Challenge Experience, well ... Confession... we were doing fantastic (well, mostly), on the 20th day of the challenge, we (spouse & I) were RUN OVER by a distracted SUV Motorist, while we were on our Motorcycle.
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    Following the accident I had ...
  5. Day 12: I fell off the wagon and it Ran me Over, then backed up again

    It's day 12 of our Whole30 challenge and let me start by saying, this has been one of the more miserable experiences and to be perfectly honest, we decided to JUMP off the wagon.. we ate a loaded pizza (hey, it had veggies on it) and shared a pitcher of beer. I figured what the hell, we made the decision together to jump off, why not let it run us ...
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