• 300x250 Remnant Inventory

    300x250 Banner Remnant Inventory $3.00 CPM (Minimum buy 25,000)

    A 300x250 ad appears as a passback ad when no
    other inventory is available to fill. This ad space may appear in any (or all) of our (3) 300x250 Ad Positions:

    Middle Position 1:
    Budget101 Holiday Gift Idea Challenge-main-pos2-sky.jpg

    Footer Position #1
    Budget101 Holiday Gift Idea Challenge-footer-pos1.jpg

    Footer Position #2
    Budget101 Holiday Gift Idea Challenge-footer-pos2.jpg

    Regarding our Banner Ad Package:

    Banner Limits: 50K 50K Initial/Max Load- Static Ads Only 2 creatives Max per campaign

    We support .gif, .jpg, .png, DoubleClick tags, custom html, and javascript.

    Please note .swf is not supported on remnant inventory, Javascript and doubleclick files MUST support clickTags!

    All ads must meet site banner

    Ad fill within (x) days= Impressions will be served within (x) of days.

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